A stretch ceiling is made up of two parts: a lightweight fabric membrane and a profile track.
The track is installed around the perimeter of a room’s walls, about 3/4 inch below the ceiling, and the fabric is clipped into it.
Stretch ceilings have been around for decades and were created in France to hide imperfections like cracks, peeling paint, cables, or pipes. They have become a popular part of home decoration and can be used with lights, chandeliers, A/C vents, and smoke detectors.
« OneStretchCeiling » is a licensed, insured, and certified stretch ceiling contractor that uses only high-quality, thicker film membranes.
We have developed their own installation system, upgraded techniques, and can install stretch ceilings in rooms of any size. Stretch ceiling tiles can also be used to replace tin or plastering ceilings. We have installed over 1 million sqft of stretch ceilings.
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What is a Stretch Ceiling ?

The Stretch Ceiling has two parts: a profile and a membrane.

How long has the stretch ceiling been around?

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How do I figure out how much a stretch ceiling costs?

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Want to learn how to install a stretch ceiling yourself?

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How to fix popcorn ceilings?

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Are you interested in acoustic stretch ceilings?

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Are Stretched Ceilings good for insulating a room?

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Why have I never heard about the stretch ceiling system?

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How many colors are available for Stretch Ceilings?

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How many types of finishes are there for Stretch Ceilings?

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Where can I find a stretch ceiling close by?

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How do I take down a stretch ceiling?

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How do I clean a stretch ceiling?

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Which type of ceiling is better: stretch ceiling or drywall?

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Can we put any lights in the Stretch Ceiling?

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When you enter a room, people’s eyes usually focus on the furniture and floor.

However, with the « OneStretchCeiling » system, you can immediately catch people’s attention with your ceiling.

This stretch ceiling, made with a lacquered mirror membrane, creates a beautiful and smooth surface that can enhance and complement any decor.

One of the main advantages of this type of ceiling system is the end result, which is a stunning and modern finish that can be used in new construction, renovation, design, and decoration projects. Additionally, it can be installed anywhere, from single-family homes, condos, and boats, to hotels, hospitals, theaters, airports, offices, stores, and even labs and indoor pool areas.

The installation process is also easier than traditional drywall or suspended ceilings, as there’s no need for drywall patching, popcorn removal, painting, sanding, or furniture moving. Instead, the Stretch Ceiling track is easily installed on the perimeter of your wall at less than one inch below.

Overall, if you want a unique and attractive ceiling that stands out from the usual focus on furniture and floors, the « OneStretchCeiling » system is a great option.