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Expertise sets us apart. We’ve been pioneers in stretch ceiling installations since 1990!

The wealth of experience is our distinguishing factor. We have been at the forefront of stretch ceiling installations since 1990.

Florida State offers an ideal context for assessing the stretch ceiling system market. With a surge in renovations, new constructions, and the presence of top-tier designers and architects, the potential is substantial.

A diverse array of establishments – hotels, motels, businesses, warehouses, homes, condos, boats, and offices – can greatly benefit from this innovative product.

The remarkable aspect of this material is its rapid installation; it can cover approximately 300 sq. ft. in a single day. Clients can return to their homes swiftly, while hotel owners can reoccupy rooms the very next day. Businesses and offices can become operational in a remarkably short span, sometimes within the same day.

Contractors, let’s consider the actual expenses of your drywall ceiling installations. The true ultimate cost, factoring in drywall, joint compound, taping, priming, painting, and the waiting time involved.

I’m readily available to provide you with a precise estimation for your ceiling project, enabling you to make a comprehensive comparison of the pros and cons.

We specialize in both Matte Finish and Satin Finish membranes.

The high-gloss reflective membrane is skillfully designed to augment the perceived size of a room, offering an enticing opportunity for your clients.

Feel free to reach out for an estimate or share project images with us via SMS or email. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Before after Glossy reflective suspended ceiling
Before after Glossy reflective suspended ceiling
Glossy reflective suspended ceiling Before After
Before After Glossy reflective suspended ceiling

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