Stretched Ceiling Vinyl Membrane

Stretch ceiling membrane is an amazing suspended material that is installed below your original ceiling. It is also referred to with several other names such as Stretch Ceiling PVC Film, Stretch Ceiling Canvas, Stretch Ceiling PVC Canvas, Stretch Ceiling PVC Fabric, Stretch Ceiling Suspended PVC Film, PVC Stretch Ceiling Film, Stretch Ceiling Vinyl, and Stretch Ceiling Suspended Vinyl, among others. Most people commonly refer to it as STRETCH CEILING MEMBRANE. It is essential to note that this membrane is a very thin film; however, it is strong enough to hold many gallons of water by 10 Sqf! The membrane is stretched from wall to wall and firmly fixed inside our tracks to provide that incredible finish. Additionally, the membrane comes in multiple colors, finishes, and unlimited printed designs, ensuring that your space looks unique and customized to your specifications. With stretch ceiling membranes, you can unleash your imagination and make your home or office stand out.

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faux Leather


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