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« OneStretchCeiling » is an exceptionally versatile ceiling system that can be installed in almost any room or cover outside, regardless of its shape. It can fit practically everywhere with only a few exceptions. As helpful advice, we suggest that our future customers avoid installing stretched ceilings in a room with a very low structural ceiling or exposed to extreme cold or hot areas such as a sauna. It’s also not recommended to install these ceilings in a room intended for physical activity if the ceiling can be touched by anyone or any sharp object that may harm the stretch ceiling. Most outdoor locations, if not covered, should also be avoided.

On the other hand, stretch ceilings can be installed in a wide range of locations and environments. Residential spaces, hotels and hospitality venues, commercial buildings, entertainment venues, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and even industrial areas can all benefit from the sleek and modern appearance of stretch ceilings. The installation process and specific requirements might differ depending on the location and stretch ceiling material used. Therefore, we advise consulting with professionals experienced in stretch ceiling installations to determine the feasibility and best approach for your desired location.

Lastly, we offer a simpler stretch ceiling design that involves one stretched membrane that covers the entire ceiling area, adding pleasant visual effects to a living room or bedroom. Please feel free to contact us for further information or assistance in choosing the best stretch ceiling solution for your needs.

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