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Stretch Ceiling Track installation

Stretch Ceiling System is a simple concept

This is a section element that contains some valuable information regarding the installation of a stretch ceiling system. The instructions are clear and concise. The first step is to fix the track onto either the wall or the existing ceiling, based on the configuration of the room. Once the track is installed, the next step is to stretch the membrane from one end to the other and secure it into the track. The minimum distance between the new stretch ceiling and the actual ceiling should be 3/4 inch below. The message suggests discussing spotlights, chandeliers, smoke detectors, and A/C vents with the professionals during the installation process. These additional components can be incorporated into the new stretch ceiling to enhance its overall aesthetic and functionality. By following these instructions and working with the experts, you will be on your way to achieving a stunning new stretch ceiling system for your space. For more information, visit the provided link.

Our choice of multiple Stretch Ceiling Track

3/4 inch below your actual ceiling. You won’t loose that much !!

Reflective white stretch ceiling
Glossy White Fabric film
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