Day and Night Stretch Ceiling

Are you looking for an innovative way to transform your ceiling? With our « OneStretchCeiling with photo-printed DAY-NIGHT, » you can now achieve a completely customizable and interchangeable vision of your space. Our membrane is printed with an image on both sides – the front side (DAY) and the back side (NIGHT). What makes our DAY-NIGHT technology unique is that you can see the image (DAY) printed on the front side even when the LED backlighting is switched off. But as soon as you turn on the lighting placed behind the ceiling, the image (NIGHT) printed on the back side comes to life, giving you a different perspective on your ceiling. This innovation is a game-changer as it allows you to create a whole new ambiance in your space with ease. Don’t hesitate to transform your ceiling with our OneStretchCeiling technology today!

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Photo Credits: OneStretchCeiling